Conferences just bring out the “Cheerleader” in me again!

I can’t help it – everytime I go to a conference, team building event, or for that matter any kind of group event, I become inspired.  I want to do anything I can to spread the word for the ’cause’.  With Microsoft’s annual customer conference, Convergence coming up – I feel like cheering already!

I can’t wait to share the knowledge with my colleagues, our customers, and my business associates I can honestly call ‘friends’ after being in the Microsoft partner channel for over 16 years.  We get to feed our brains with interesting, intriguing, and captivating information!  It is like gossiping in a good way!

The partners get a ‘sneak peek’ to the information next Thursday, April 22nd, so we can help be an ambassador for our clients in navigating the awe-inspiring amount of information they will be exposed to during the Convergence event, April 24-27th.

Microsoft will of course be giving us all kinds of facts on the enhancements within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, the new release due out in May 2010.  The launch events for this release have already begun and there is all sorts of information on the GP 2010 Launch.  Borek is hosting our own webcast to share the Top Tips from Convergence 2010 and GP 2010 features in May.  Customers can attend for free by Registering for Borek’s 2010 Webcast.

And for my fairly new “Greenie” thinking, Microsoft is taking MANY steps to be environmently friendly during the event.  You can read about Microsoft’s sustainability here to see exactly what they are doing – and did do last year too.  From using Biodegradable Service Ware, and Recycled Badge Holders to making sure the signs, buses, and screens are following steps to produce less “waste”.

No, my ‘cheerleader-like’ enthusiasm is not limited to Microsoft events.  Just ask my friends about my attitude after attending our church’s leadership conference last week, or our Zumba Jam a couple of weeks ago.  All it takes is good material, good intentions, and a wholesome agenda, and I’m ready to root for the entire concept!

So, join me in saying “G, G-O, Go Dynamics Go!”  See you at Convergence! 

Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner


Dare I talk Politics? An $8 million controversey on Oregon’s Measures 66/67 indicate I should!

Dare I talk Politics?  I do not profess to be an expert on ballot measures – and I am NOT giving certified or even qualified advice on how to vote – but I DO know that MANY of our customers are extremely concerned that Measures 66 and 67 may pass because that could directly affect their small businesses.  You can read the details of these ballot measures but I’d also like you to see this argument against passing 66 and 67 written by a customer who obviously owns an “S” Corporation.

I am astounded by the amount of money that has been spent arguing these measures and the expenses the state must have spent just for this special election.  Some indications are that over $8 million has already been spent on commercials both opposing and supporting the measures.  Yet the voters had enough support to use the veto referendum process to stop the Governor from signing the taxes into affect, while the proponents have over two times as many signatures as required (55,000) to have the measures qualified for a ballot.  This means many people ARE talking Politics!

With this amount of controversy, it seems the voters of Oregon should do their due diligence and read the measure information, decide for themselves, and vote.  I realize that may mean you tag yourself for the next time jury selection is needed for the local courthouse, but would you rather be living in another country which does not HAVE the option to make these choices themselves?

Of course, this is just my opinion – and MAY not be those of my employer, husband, parents, or even my friends 🙂

By Abra Lynne Gilman – Taxpayer, Citizen, Voter

Do you have HPS – Holiday Perfection Syndrome?

This is from a friend’s blog and I thought it was perfect for the holidays!

 “I heard a radio ad recently that mentioned a ‘disease’ called HPS, or Holiday Perfection Syndrome. (I can’t remember what they were selling…so I guess it wasn’t too effective as a marketing strategy?!) Anyway, that funny acronym resonated with me, because we all feel pressure to do all things well all the time. And realistically, how can we do our regular life in December (working, cooking, bill paying, parenting, laundry) and then add the 47 extra parties, the wrapping, the cooking, the shopping?

Well, I vote we give ourselves a break! We may have to say “no” to some events, some projects, and some traditions. My wish is for us to enjoy the season, and not have it fly by because we’re hustling and bustling our December away.

I was reading about the tough economy and the pressure to give gifts, and I saw an interesting nugget in one of my magazines in the “etiquette” section. The question was how to handle gift-giving friends, when you can’t afford to reciprocate. The first suggestion was to give that person a card, earlier in the season, so that they (hopefully) get the message that your greeting is in the form of a card. The other was suggestion was to simply say “Thank you”, accept the gift, and don’t worry about reciprocating. I know that when I’m preparing gifts for my friends or colleagues, it’s not with the intent of getting anything back- I’m happy to give it regardless of whether or not they reciprocate.

So I guess my advice is this: In the name of avoiding HPS, let’s slow down, relax and take off the pressure this season. Give gifts if you like, or don’t. Like the Who’s in Whoville learned, nothing we do will stop Christmas from coming- we may as well enjoy every minute of it!”

Borek Customer Year-End Webinar set for Tues, Dec 8th @ 10:30am

Everyone could use a quick reminder on how to step through those processes that perhaps you only use one a year!  Attend Borek’s Customer Webinar on Tuesday, December 8th at 10:00am to refresh your mind on what steps are necessary for closing Microsoft Dynamics GP, the correct order to perform the processes, and some pointers on how to make it as simple as possible!  Sign up for this free web session to get a clear path to making the closing process painless. 

We will provide suggestions on which documents you should follow, when updates for taxes are scheduled, and any warnings we can give to steer you clear from a bad closing experience!

Some of the tips we provide could give you cues to running a smoother operation all year long!

Hope to hear from you – and add you to the customer drawing for a couple small gifts!

Sign up here for the 60 minute session covering all modules and updates for closing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Tuesday, December 8th – 10:00am PST.

Use the Reconcile tool in Dyn GP 10 to match AP/AR to GL

Did you know that in release 10.0 of Microsoft Dynamics GP there is a new tool for reconciling your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to General Ledger?

To find this feature you can go to the Dynamics GP button | Tools | Routines | Financial | Reconcile to GL.  Once there, you can click F1 for some help on how to use the tool.  

During this process you will:

  • Select Individual accounts in GL to reconcile
  • Enter a date range for reconciliation


  • Transactions are automatically matched
  • Discrepancies are identified
  • Results are displayed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

The process will identify the following:

  • Matched Transactions that exist in both the sub-ledger and GL
  • UnMatched Transactions that exist in either the sub-ledger or GL, but not both.
  • Potentially Matched Transactions, but don’t meet all the matching criteria.
    • Example: A $100 transaction is posted in Receivables, but was deleted in GL. The mistake was caught and a transaction is manually entered into GL for the $100 transaction. The transaction amounts and GL posting date are the same, but they do not share an audit trail code, customer, or document number.

Here is a sample screen shot of the values one might use to reconcile AP and GL:

AP to GL Reconcile Tool Entry Screen

AP to GL Reconcile Tool Entry Screen

Once the process button is selected, an excel spreadsheet is generated.


Excel Spreadsheet created from AP to GL Reconcile Tool

Excel Spreadsheet created from AP to GL Reconcile Tool

Please contact us if you would like assistance running the tool or reconciling the data.

Need Inspiration, well sometimes even Eagles need a push!

I had a friend share a short 3 minute video with me this morning and it may just be what you need too.  This “Even Eagles Need A Push” will help jumpstart your day!